Below you can find a list of the most popular flavours I provide, if you are looking for something different please feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to help. Celebration cakes are quoted in the traditional flavour range. If you would prefer one of the deluxe flavours, let us know and we can price it up accordingly.
All our sponge cakes are covered in a layer of deliciously creamy chocolate ganache and our fruitcakes in traditional marzipan before being covered in a layer of premium sugarpaste for a smooth professional finish.

• Vanilla- A light and fluffy sponge filled with Strawberry or Raspberry conserve and/or vanilla buttercream
• Lemon Madeira- A traditional sponge filled with Lemon curd or/and lemon buttercream
• Chocolate- A light sponge filled with Chocolate spread or/and chocolate buttercream

• Chocolate Mudcake- A moist and rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate spread or/and chocolate buttercream
• White Chocolate & Strawberry- A light sponge cake filled with white chocolate buttercream and strawberry conserve
• Chocolate Orange- A delicious Chocolate cake infused with fresh oranges filled with chocolate orange buttercream
• Carrot- A moist and warming carrot and cinnamon cake filled with orange buttercream
• Coffee and Walnut- A Coffee infused cakes with walnut pieces filled with coffee buttercream
• Marbled Cake- A vanilla and Chocolate sponge filled with vanilla or chocolate buttercream
• Chocolate & Cherry- Chocolate sponge filled with Morello Cherry conserve and a layer vanilla buttercream
• Almond Cake- A delicious Almond sponge filled with raspberry jam and almond buttercream
• Coconut & Lime Cake- A Coconut sponge filled with Lime buttercream
• Mocha- A Chocolate sponge filled with Coffee buttercream
• Chocolate and Salted Caramel- A chocolate sponge filled with delicious salted caramel
• Fruitcake- A Rich fruitcake packed with fruit and infused with brandy

ALLERGEN ADVICE: Please note, although I can provide cakes that are made without any added eggs or gluten, as I operate from a kitchen that uses gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts on a daily basis our cakes are NOT SUITABLE for allergy sufferers. 

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