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All about me…..well this is not going to be easy but let’s give it a go!

I’ve loved baking since I was a little girl, my first “baking” memories are making pretend cakes with mud and leaves, until my wonderful mum bought me a children’s oven, it was a small red plastic electric oven, but in my eyes it was the best present in the whole wide world! I remember looking through the tiny window and be mesmerised at the liquid batter turning into a fluffy cake….which I then forced all my friends and family to eat! I also always loved anything involving art and craft, and I would spend hours drawing or making something out of nothing! As I grew up, I had to put my two passions aside and get a “real” job, but whenever I needed cheering up my baking tins would come out and I would bake……but I never thought of combining my two passions until a friend who knew about my baking passion asked me if I could make her mum’s 80th birthday cake and I thought “Ooh that might be fun!” so I agreed! It wasn’t until I got home that I though “Oh dear, I can bake a cake but decorate it??” I had never even touched fondant before then! So I thought I better get some practice by making a cake for my son’s birthday. That was June 2008, little did I know then how absolutely addictive cake decorating was, from that day on I was hooked!! I had finally found something that allowed me to do the two things I loved the most, why hadn’t I thought of that before!! I loved trying out new ideas and baking up new delicious recipes. My poor family, friends, and acquaintances became once again my guinea pigs, until I felt ready and brave enough to launch my own company called Francesca’s Cakes (not very original I know, my creativity stops at cakes unfortunately!). I now live and breathe cakes and it has literally taken over my life (and my house)! Like they say “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”!
I have now had the honour of winning several awards for my cakes including gold and first in category at the world biggest cake show- Cake International, as well as having pictures of my cakes appear in magazines and other publications.
I was extremely honoured to be asked to make a cake for a member of the White House Press during their stay in Wales for Nato Summit!!
I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, I cannot thank enough all the wonderful people that have supported me (and still are) through it all!
Now for the “boring bit” Francesca’s Cakes is based in Barry, South Wales .
We are a INSURED and REGISTERED home based business and hold a full 5 star food hygiene certification through the Food Standard Agency
So there you go, this is me! If you’d like to contact me, you can use the contact form, ring or email me at info@francescascakes.co.uk
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Francesca Price

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